Featured Properties

The Regent Palms
Turks and Caicos

Located steps away from the flawless white sands and sparkling sapphire waters of the Grace Bay Beach, our luxury resort offers maximum pampering and indulgence, including a 25,000 square foot spa and state-of-the-art infinity pool.

The Marmara Manhattan
Manhattan, New York

The Marmara Manhattan is located in one of the city's most exclusive residential neighborhoods on the fashionable Upper East Side and it is within walking distance of the city's most renowned museums, restaurants, cultural centers, and parks.

Ladera Resort
Saint Lucia, West Indies

Ladera Resort

Ladera was once part of Rabot Estate, one of Soufriere's oldest and most famous cocoa plantation, In 1982 it was transformed into the unique resort it is today. All units are decorated with local artwork and feature magnificent views of the Pitons and Caribbean Sea.

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Justin Schmollinger, Director of Sales and Marketing, The Talbott Hotel, Chicago, IL

“Ling worked for the Talbott Hotel from October 2007 until April 2011 and during that time; she did a wonderful job for us. Ling was dedicated, driven, honest, hard working, and connected. She was able to refer many clients to the Talbott Hotel in that time frame, and traveled 7 or 8 times a year on behalf of the Talbott and represented our hotel to many travel agents and agencies, attended trade shows, and called on many new accounts. Ling worked well with little supervision, always represented herself honestly to our customers, and was able to open many doors for the Talbott Hotel and did so in a cost effective manner. We have many new friends in the travel business thanks to Ling, and in her tenure here, she was able to introduce the Talbott brand to many new agencies, both Corporate and leisure. I would recommend Ling as a quality Sales individual with many connections who would be able to travel, and sell your brand or hotel, in a professional and effective manner.”

Mary Grace Gray, General Manager, Hotel Granduca, Houston, TX

“It is always a pleasure to work with colleagues who are truly professionals and share the same excitement and pride for the vision and direction you are taking. Ling is a great asset to Hotel Granduca. She is a seasoned sales professional and exudes confidence in her approach to representing her impressive portfolio of luxury hotels.”

Joseph J. Barile, Chief Executive Officer and President, Grand Lodge Resorts, LLC

“When I built The Whiteface Lodge, I knew we needed a resort sales-and-marketing team with special abilities in assessing the right markets and following through in order to sell a fractional resort. Lodgistica proved to have those abilities. Ling understood my vision and marketed it to the right guests in the right way--our first year was an outstanding success because of this.”

Olivier Bottois, Former Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, The Whiteface Lodge, Resort-Spa-Residences, Lake Placid Lodge

“Ling Riley and I have worked together for the past two years during her tenure as Director of Sales for Lake Placid Lodge. She was also instrumental in positioning the Whiteface lodge as the first luxury resort/private residence club in the region. Her dynamic sales approach positively impacted occupancy levels while driving an unusually high ADR for the area within the first 18 months in operation. Ling has impressed me as a very dedicated, loyal, experienced hotel professional who understands the mechanics of the business and the importance of relationships with our high-end clientele. I respect her advice.”

John Volponi, General Manager, The Inn at Perry Cabin, an Orient Express Hotel

“I have known Ling Riley for ten years and have worked with her both on a corporate level as well as at the property level. Ling is an energetic hospitality sales and marketing person who can easily adapt tactics and strategies to be successful in many different markets and situations”

Atef Mankarios, Mankarios Partnership, Dallas, Texas

“It is not surprising that Ling Riley has created such an innovative business concept for LODGISTICA. Her creativity and ability to produce impressive sales results have been consistent throughout her career, including when we worked together at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. Her connections, determination and ability to maximize returns for any hotel sales and marketing budget will serve the clients of LODGISTICA very well.”

Niall Reid, Former General Manger, The Inn of The Five Graces, Santa Fe, NM.

"I have worked with Ling Riley for almost four years. She has planned many successful sales trips for me and The Inn of the Five Graces. Her contact lists are always up to date, and she knows the key players in each of the accounts that we call on. She is very knowledgeable and creative in marketing to the high end clients without always spending a lot of money. She has also been a shrewd negotiator on behalf of my hotel for groups. I have the highest regards for her as a Sales & Marketing professional, and I knew that LODGISTICA will be a success under her direction."

Tim Thuell, Former General Manager, Meadowood Napa Valley, St. Helena, California and The Chanler at Cliff Walk

"I have known Ling Riley for the past four years, in her professional capacity as Director of Sales for a small boutique hotel for which we both worked. Ling is an extremely hard working, loyal, tenacious colleague and friend. She has the desire to excel, and gives any mission her absolute all. Her work ethic is always professional; her business management frugal. Once her allegiance is secured, I doubt that a more dedicated person can be found."

John A Cardona, Former Vice President of Sales & Marketing, The Garrett Hotel Group, Burlington, Vermont

"This is a great next step for Ling. Having reviewed her company profile and direction as well as the creative concept, I find that Ling will add value to small and independent high-end hotel companies as her dedicated and tenacious work style definitely produces results, whether in leisure sales or group business. The overall concept of LODGISTICA I also find to be valuable as many independents prefer a dedicated field sales & marketing person to focus on their specific needs as opposed to linking with the many multi hotel sales representation firms. As a seasoned professional, Ling – and therefore LODGISTICA -- will be a resource for The Garrett Hotel Group, and I know equally beneficial to similar small luxury companies."

Laura Smith, Formerly of Lake Placid Lodge

"I would like to give an endorsement for Ling Riley as a terrific trainer - she is great with people one on one, very patient and very thorough. She seems to understand her trainee's thought processes and teaches accordingly. I learned from her during our entire time working together. She was constantly traveling and selling, and I was always amazed at her tireless ability to sell. Ling is a great person, and a fabulous trainer, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her."

Victoria and Stephane du Roure, Former Home Hill Inn & Restaurant, a member of Relais & Chateaux

"We have been working with LODGISTICA since May of 2004 and have been very impressed with the company. LODGISTICA has given our sales team all the tools and support needed to be successful. They are extremely knowledgeable in the hospitality sales and marketing fields, with many years of practical experience. Our sales team was immediately able to secure an important corporate booking based on Logistica's support and contacts. The LODGISTICA team is full of resources that are at our disposal and we have taken advantage of many of them. We would highly recommend working with Logistica."

Leslie du Roure, Former Sales & Marketing, Former Home Hill Inn and Restaurant, Planefield, New Hampshire

"The training experience spent with Lodgistica has provided me with everything there is to know about pursuing a career in hotel sales and marketing. The two-week "one on one" training program with Ling Riley was extremely informative, and within that time period I felt confident enough to go off on my own. Ling has taught me numerous strategic steps in order to maintain strong networking tactics and finding potential clientele to get my business recognized. I feel that I have been thoroughly educated by Lodgistica and I will recommend Lodgistica to those who are looking for a career in this particular field."

Keith Waldon, Managing Director, Brand & Communications, VIRTUOSO

"LODGISTICA is an innovative service created and offered by one of the best sales executives in the luxury travel industry. Ling Riley’s ability to determine a property’s strengths and best selling points, and then match those attributes with the best sales contacts in the right markets is rare. Her work ethic and determination will be valued by all of LODGISTICA’s clientele.”

Leslie Wilde, Pro Travel, Winnetka, Illinois

"I regard Ling Riley as a true professional in the travel industry. I have known her for many years, as well as traveled with her for site inspections . She conducts herself in a fine manner and works extremely hard for her clients. Ling is someone upon whom I can always rely."

Kathleen E. Kearney, CT, President, Katlin Travel Group, Lexington, Massachusetts

"I offer an enthusiastic endorsement for Ling Riley and for her new company. Ling is a total professional. She knows her product well and presents it beautifully. Her new company, Lodgistica, and its concept sound perfect. Lodgistica’s clients couldn’t be represented by a better person."

Robert Porter Malmberg, CTC, ACTS, President, The Malmberg Travel Companies, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts

"In a complex industry with few consistently reliable elements, and with change as part of the fabric, Ling Riley brings stability, experience, understanding and perspective to the table of choices every travel provider needs. Too, she understands fully that while we, as a society, can achieve great technological advances, send rockets to reach the moon, and more, we’ve still not been able to build a hotel that will please all of its guests all of the time. Ling realizes that the “one-size-fits-all” concept does not apply to luxury hotel properties and must target specific segments of the market. No one knows the market better than Ling Riley."

Paul Largay a.k.a. Dr. Travel, Largay Travel, Waterbury, Connecticut

"I think Lodgistica is a truly great concept. I have known Ling for many years and have always found her to be very knowledgeable, professional, available and personable. I am confident that any select 'Virtuoso level' property would be well served by an ad hoc or on-going sales representation by Lodgistica. Whether it's a one-day sales training, multiple-day trade show representation, personally escorting an agent fam trip, reviewing (and subsequently recommending ) an overall marketing approach for a property with a limited/defined budget, simply stating how to best identify and leverage a property’s most distinguishing features, or properly marketing them on a cost effective basis, Ling is a fantastic professional and can help make a good property great by her creative presence and experience."

Ellie Colin, Elite Team, Ovation Travel Group, The Lawyers Travel Service, New York City, New York

"I have had the good luck of dealing with Ling for many years. She has impeccable taste and all the properties she represents are wonderful matches for the high-end demanding clients I deal with. I totally trust her and she has helped me get space as well as VIP'ing my clients. She is also extremely pleasant to deal with and goes out of her way to help in any situation that arises. I look forward to dealing with her in the future and am excited about Lodgistica.. She is beyond efficient and effective in all she does."

Rudi Steele, Rudi Steele Travel, Dallas, Texas

"I have known Ling for many years. She is a hard worker, most professional, and highly respected in the world of upscale travel."

Timothy J. Krenzien, President, Paul L. Klein Travel Service, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

"I like Ling's concept of a personalized sales and marketing program for hotels and other travel related suppliers. Ling is a seasoned professional representing luxury hotel products. Ling has an excellent reputation in the travel agency community and is well respected for her expertise in marketing luxury travel products. Most importantly, Ling knows and has access to the decision makers and top-producers in the luxury travel retailer market."

Lisa Miller Domagalski

"It is always a pleasure working with Ling Riley. Her professionalism and expertise assure you that success is at hand. Her style and zest are like no other, a refreshing change from the norm."

Susan Cotton, Former Director of Sales & Marketing, Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, Brewster, Massachusetts

"Ling has an unparalleled ability to create strategies to achieve results. She quickly identifies key strengths within individuals and effectively guides them to be more productive and successful. Ling is dynamic, enthusiastic and unique in her approach to training and directing a sales/marketing team, which makes her an asset in the hospitality industry. She has a proven track record to drive revenue."